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Lahore: an ancient city of Punjab

Lahore is an ancient city in northern Pakistan near the border of India and is the country’s second largest urban center as well as an extremely important cultural center and repository of history.

Lahore’s recorded history goes back more than 2,000 years. It is located along the major route of invasion by land into India, which has experience a long history of invasion from present-day Iran, Turkey and other areas to the west of South Asia, as well as on important trade routes.

In 1611, William Finch, an agent of the British East India Company, described Lahore as “One of the greatest Cities of the East”. Three years later, another Englishman, Thomas Coryat, was even more effusive: “The goodly Citie of Lahore in India, is one of the largest cities of the whole universe, for it contayneth at least sixteen miles in compasse and exceedeth Constantinople itself in greatness”.

The present-day city is believed to have been established by Hindu rulers at some time during the first three centuries CE.

Over the next 1500 years, control over Lahore was contested between Hindu, Muslim, Afghan and Mongol Kingdoms. It became the capital of the Ghaznavid dynasty of Muslim rulers in the 12th century and was repeatedly attacked by Mongol invaders in the 14th century.

It was absorbed eventually into the Mughal Empire in 1524, but later captured by Sikh forces. The Sikh deposed by the British East India Company in 1849. The British expanded the city, established some industry and connected Lahore to the expanding railway system of the subcontinent.
Lahore: an ancient city of Punjab
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