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Ancient city of Rome

The city of Rome grew up gradually on seven hills lying by the Tiber river, about fourteen miles from its mouth.

Rome was founded on 753 BC by Latin to guard the river against the Etruscans, of whom they were afraid. This new town appears from the Legend of Romulus and Remus. It was called Rome after Romulus name at that time 18 years of age and he was its first king.

The walls were built and the city ready, but mean were wanting to people it. To supply this, Romulus set apart a palace within the walls as a sanctuary or refuge for those who had shed blood , for slaves who had run away from their masters and the like.

Hence the city of Romulus was called by the Greek name of the Asylum. The male population soon began to increase rapidly and from such an heterogeneous assembly it was that Romulus made his first attempt at the formation of a body politics.

During 753 BC, Rome was at first almost square, containing about a thousand houses. It was near a mile in compass, and commanded a small territory around it of about eight miles over.

It was favorites delusion among the Romans that they were descended from the gods. It soon became of importance trade, as well as for keeping off the Etruscans.

Rome had to secure it existence by force of arms, and it crushed one after another, every one of its neighbor that can it contact with, until towards the end of the fifth century after its birth, it had subdued al the tribes of Italy and acquired the sovereignty of the whole peninsula.
Ancient city of Rome
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