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Ancient city of Hierapolis

Hierapolis was built as a Greek colony at the end of third and beginning of the second century BC over a pre-existing settlement on top- of the summit travertine plateau. It was founded by the king of Pergamon Eumenes II.

It is also believed that the name Hierapolis may derive from Hiera, who was the wife of a legendary ancestor of the kings of Pergamon. However there is also a suggestion that the name of Hierapolis which means Holy City, was chosen for the many temples throughout the city.

Hierapolis passed to the Romans as provided for in the testament of Attalus III.

The city was anciently celebrated as the Bath of Asia and its warm medicinal springs raised it to wealth and distinction.

Religion appears to have flourished greatly at Hierapolis in the early periods of the Christian history.

In 17 AD, a terrible earthquake razed it to the ground but reconstruction soon began under Tiberius.

The town had to be entirely rebuilt after the earthquake of AD 60 and was abandoned after the 1354 event, the two strongest historical shocks.

Hierapolis was renowned in the ancient world as a city filled with temples dedicated to a variety of gods, both central figures within the pantheon as well as local deities.
Ancient city of Hierapolis
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